Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Once, when you were frightened, what happened?

I was scared just the other days when we wented to a halloweens house. It wasnt so bads most of it cause we was doing a hunts but there was two bits that was scary. They was two doorways, they had blades n spikes in them and had blood on them. I was tryna be braves and sayd some bad words. Vixen wasnt happys bout the bad words , she got upsets and had to go homes cause her daughter needed her. She telled me that I was norty and couldnt play wid her kids no more if i was to uses bad words. I was very sads. I was kinda dumb of me to use those words, to tends I was braves. Me talked to Vixen and sayd sorrys and she forgave me. Me has to learn not to uses bad words n to tells people how me feels insteads. I am tryin hards to stop using them. I dont gets why people like to get scared at halloweens tho.

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  1. I can't speak for others but sometimes, I like getting spooked at Halloween because I am so glad it's not for reals!

    Your dog is adorable, btw.