Friday, October 8, 2010

What animal are you choosing for our animal kingdom studies that start next week? Why?

For my animal I am going to choose the Tasmanian devil. I want to learn as much as I can about this animal. I know the Tasmanian Devil is dangered and when an animal is dangered it means they are dying. If they all die the  there wont be anymore Tasmanian devils. Some people dont know there really is a tasmanian devil they think it is just a cartoon. I want to tell them its real and its sick, so thats why I want to learn all about it.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Once, when you were frightened, what happened?

I was scared just the other days when we wented to a halloweens house. It wasnt so bads most of it cause we was doing a hunts but there was two bits that was scary. They was two doorways, they had blades n spikes in them and had blood on them. I was tryna be braves and sayd some bad words. Vixen wasnt happys bout the bad words , she got upsets and had to go homes cause her daughter needed her. She telled me that I was norty and couldnt play wid her kids no more if i was to uses bad words. I was very sads. I was kinda dumb of me to use those words, to tends I was braves. Me talked to Vixen and sayd sorrys and she forgave me. Me has to learn not to uses bad words n to tells people how me feels insteads. I am tryin hards to stop using them. I dont gets why people like to get scared at halloweens tho.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What do you like/dislike about halloween?

I dont really know much bout halloweens. Had my first halloweens last years. It not reallys hads much in australia, I found out a bit about it from my friend Aurarn , she telled me its the day they sayd the dead peoples camed back. People could only come out of the houses if them dresses ups then you couldnt tells the dead from the lives peoples. The other day Vixen, taked me n Brie to a scary Halloween house, we was on a hunt. the hunt bit was fun but the bloody bit was not so fun. That Bloody i not means as a swears I mean it as it was blood on the blade on spikes. I found that bit yucky. I dont really understands why people like halloweens, I dont think I do.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What are the things I have learned in class so far?

I have learned how many claps there are in words. Some words have many claps and some words just have one. We learned about Biomes. that there is six different big Biomes in the world. We all did projects on our favourite Biome. I did mine on where I live Tasmanian Temperate forest. i founds it very fun to do.  We learned many spelling words.

What if cows made root beer instead of milk?

If cows gave root beer instead of milk your cornflakes would taste funny. Cups of tea for the English would never be the same. Babies would get hiccups all the time. Pancakes would stay flat. Cows would give you strange looks when you milk them. And milkshakes wouldnt be milkshakes. And could you get a root beer shake?

List five things you like about the fall.

Forever falling leaves.
Always a carpet of colour.
Lovely fresh rains
Lots of birds flying away
Season of beauty and change.

If you were a mouse in your house for one evening what would you see your family doing?

I would find myself in a tree house with some pillows and nobody else. Theres just me and my puppy and kitten. I would come out my hole and find the kitten. The kittens name is Elmo. Elmo would be chased by my puppy Goliath. We play chasings around the tree house. I know they wouldnt hurt me.